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Who we are and what we do?

Vappus is completly site to join in exclusive server games as Tibia, Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Metin2. You can find all on our site only follow links posted here. As well we know so you player need tools to play! We give you all whta you need:

  • Teamspeak3
  • Ventrillo
  • Bots, Cheats, Helpers
  • Forums
  • Chat

Vappus Game Center is absolutely for free in no limited time!

You can use those links to explore our wesite:

  1. Fireots modifited Evolution tibia 10.98 server.
  2. Vinera modifited Real Map tibia 8.6 server.
  3. Pokemon Ingenious custom tibia based server.
  4. Open Server Tibia LIST!.
  5. Forum Complete Game Center!.